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Contenders Clothing LLC

Shipping Policy

How our products get to you

Contenders Clothing LLC would like to explain our shipping policy to you.

Here it is, plain and simple.

Please read the accompanying Shipping Policy for a detailed explanation of how we ship packages to customers just like you.

If you have questions about our policy, please click here to use our customer service form and send us an inquiry. Alternatively, you may reach us by telephone at 725-696-1711.

Our offices are open 9AM-6PM Pacific time.

Thank you for your business.

– The Contenders Clothing Team

Our shipping policy is as follows:

We charge according to the standard shipping rates of the carrier plus a small handling fee.

We primarily rely on the United States Postal Service (USPS), but may rely on other carriers such as UPS or FedEx.

All charges must be paid in full prior to shipment. We do not provide COD (cash on delivery) service.

All orders via the website must be paid using credit cards or PayPal. We do not accept personal checks or cash.

Please provide a standard delivery address recognized by major carriers such as USPS, UPS or FedEx. We cannot be responsible for shipments sent to addresses that are undeliverable by major carriers, and may choose to refund your purchase costs at our discretion.

Any questions, please contact us by clicking here to use the customer service form.